Samia offers one-to-one tailored nutritional advice in her consultations. The first meeting would normally take approximately one and a half hours, during which she would discuss with the client their condition, symptoms, health history, diet and lifestyle.

She would then discuss with the client the underlying issues that result in the client’s symptoms. From there she would work together with the client on a plan for the client to follow between consultations. Other things to consider are whether the client needs to take supplements and/or undertake functional testing*. The client would then receive a personalised program on diet, lifestyle and supplements regime if applicable.

On confirmation of booking the client would be sent a comprehensive questionnaire on lifestyle and diet which needs to be completed and returned to Samia before the appointment in order for her to research her client’s case.

Samia has an integrative approach to health, she works to support standard treatments thus avoiding any possible confusion or stress on the client. She frequently works in conjunction with a multidisciplinary health team and/or any other healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care to provide the best possible support to her clients, ensuring clear and accurate communication with the client and team at all times.

Nutritional Therapists do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, and do not recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice.

* wide range of analysis tools and laboratory testing in order to understand the underlying cause of the client’s health concerns.